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in this field. september 11th hijackers used united states and foreign financial institutions to hold, move, and retrieve their money. they deposited money into united states accounts via wire transfers and depp sits of traveler's checks and cash that was brought from overseas. they kept funds in foreign accounts which they accessed through atmst and credit card transactions in the home land. according to the september 11th commission, the plot cost al qaeda somewhere in the range of $400,000 to $500,000, of which approximately $300,000 passed through the hijackers' bank casualties here in the united states. after the attacks, the united states publicly declared that the fight against al qaeda financing was as critical as the fight against al qaeda itself. the charge of the united states intelligence and law enforcement communities was clear -- if we choke off the terrorists' money, we limit their ability to conduct mass casualty attacks. within months of the attacks, the department of defense, the fbi, the cia, and perhaps most importantly the department of treasury launched a swift and un
, in 1961, the cuban constitution was identical to that of the united states. those words in that constitution did not protect us. words do not protect you. understanding and be leaving in the words do. -- and believing in the words do. we today have a serious problem in that regard. the "new york times" three weeks ago -- "time" magazine three weeks ago reported as a cover story how the constitution is under siege, and "newsweek" about two months ago had a cover story about the failure of americans to understand our government. some very scary statistics. two out of every three graduating high-school students today believe that the three branches of government are republican, democrat, and independent. that is an actual poll. 75% of all americans don't know that religious freedom is protected by the first amendment. 75%. more americans can name the judges on "american idol" than on the supreme court of the united states. what does this mean to us? how did we get here? well, first of all, unless the next generation understands the obligations imposed by the constitution, w
disruptive not only in a conflict can be destructive to the united states but other countries as well and that is one of the things about military operations in cyberspace with cascading effect that are hard to predict. we have concerns about this and this is why we created joint military platforms like a strategic security dialogue to talk about issues that we feel our potential for friction in the u.s./china relationship. cyber is one of those areas. we don't talk about space, nuclear and missile defense areas as part of the strategic dialogue. >> you mentioned last year spending was almost double what the public acknowledgment was. what things will you give us as examples that they are spending on this year? you did not speculate on the number but what they are spending on this year but not publicly acknowledged? >> we think their nuclear force modernization occurs and research and development money that goes through their defense industry we also think is from a different budget, a different account. some foreign acquisitions come from a different account as well and some local co
't know is that the median income of lawyers in the united states is $62,000. they need to understand that before they incur $100,000 in debt. is there always room for another good lawyer? we need good lawyers. there always is. you have to ask yourself how much that you can afford -- how much debt you can afford. they have been watching too much "boston legal." you see $100,000 starting salaries. that may be for the top 10 students at the top 10 law schools. there were 30,000 graduates this year. what are the others going to do? there are jobs available and good jobs available, but we have to first let them know what to expect upon graduation. second thing we have to do is make sure we continue to have the profession look like our society. two spots of the examples. hispanic lawyers, less than 4%. 15% of our society. african americans come 8% come away under-represented. what we are doing in that regard as we have minority scholarships and a program where we put minority students with federal judges and state judges. we have a diversity center, which are the only four missions of the
to pass and send the message to the world that the united states senate supports the stated policy of our government in this critical issue. nobody wants iran to be able to move forward and attain nuclear capacity, and i am -- i'd be very concerned about moving forward on this language as it currently appears to me to be stated. mr. reid: is there an objection by either senator kyl or senator -- mr. kyl: yes, mr. president, for the reasons noted, i would hope that we could work our colleagues to fix the problem here. until we do i would have to object. the presiding officer: objection is heard. mr. reid: mr. president, this is sump a such an interesting conversation on the floor. i didn't have the papers. i don't blame nigh friend infrastructure arizona for not having the dowvment i don't blame nigh friend from missouri for only having a half-hour to look at this. this thing was given to the republican leader yesterday in midday. all right? now, mr. president, the language they're objecting to was in the base bill. so unless they didn't read the base bill, we have a problem here. now, the
states attorneys office and in particular the united states attorney in connecticut overall as well as on this case are doing extraordinarily excellent work, and i'm very proud of the great job that they're doing there, and i say that as one who would be critical having been a former -- having been a united states attorney, i'm not one who would be less than demanding of that office, but they're doing, both the fbi and the u.s. attorney there are doing great work. >> i'm familiar with the investigation. we cannot in open session discuss it. >> on gasoline prices, do you know any uptick in criminal activity there with respect to price gouging? >> have not. have not. again, that's something i'll have to get back to you on. we may have seen something. i would have to go back and find out where we are on that. >> thank you. again, thank you for your great work. my time has expired and i appreciate you being there. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. we'll yield now to senator graham and i would ask senator blumenthal if he's willing to take the chair. i'm going to somebody else again,
election ad. >>> the daughter of raul castro gets a visa to come to the united states. why some people aren't that you'll happy about that. >>> authorities in georgia on an urgent hunt right now for a man who was seen pointing a rifle at a school bus and then allegedly fire a pistol at a witness. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone likes a bit of order in their life. virtual wallet helps you get it. keep track of spending, move money with a slide, and use the calendar. all to see your money how you want. ♪ oh! [ baby crying ] ♪ what started as a whisper ♪ every day, millions of people choose to do the right thing. ♪ slowly turned to a scream ♪ there's an insurance company that does that, too. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? ♪ amen, omen here at the hutchison household but one dark stormy evening... there were two things i could tell: she needed a good meal and a good family. so we gave her what our other cats love, purina cat chow complete. it's the best because it has something for all of our cats! and after a couple of weeks she was healthy,
as president of the united states. hasn't passed a budget in three years. i'm interested in what it is the president has actually done other than give speeches that makes them believe he deserves another four years. my point is he's a person in love with the sound of his own voice. he loves giving speeches but he doesn't love following through on his promises. >> the economy is not great by any means but there have been millions of jobs that have been created when he took office about 700,000 or 800,000 jobs month were being created and there's been a steady job increase over these months. it's nowhere near where it should be but it is still a lot better than three or four years ago. >> but it's not better. there's over 560,000 people still not employed today that were employed four years ago. if we had the same rate of people that were actually looking for work in the marketplace, we'd be at over 10.5% unemployment. he said he's going to cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term? if there was ever a voek fjoke promise that wasn't even attempted to be followed through
important to our ability to analyze and predict threats against the united states citizens overseas and to the united states homeland itself. absent that, we would be in the dark when it comes to identifying individuals from overseas that harbor willingly or unwillingly persons to do us harm. one example i could give is the this case. it was recently concluded in convictions in new york. that is the case that benefited dramatically from the benefits of the faa. many of the other benefits would have to be discussed in a closed session. >> could i have just one short follow-up? a two-part follow-up, is it critical we reauthorize faa this year. and is there sufficient oversight in checks and balances to ensure that the rates of u.s. citizens are protected? >> yes. it needs to be done this year. so we are not in limbo as we have been in the past awaiting legislation. and hopefully not having -- being carried for a month or so, but absolutely it is important to get it and get it quickly. what was the second part of the question, sir? >> is there a checks and balance system to make sure a
speaking for himself and not the president of the united states. >> david axelrod tweeted this "what vp said that all married couples should have exactly the same legal rights is precisely the position." >> jon: hash tag bieber just a refresm. he said it's the position because vp said hash tag gay marriage good lol. it's probably not as simple as vp and potus have same position. jay carney. >> let me be clear. the vice president said what the said about the protection of rights with citizens is consistent with the president's position on this issue. the president has spoken about this. the president is the right person to describe his own personal views. he, as you know said his views on this were evolving. >> jon: ah. [ laughter ] so with regards to gay marriage the vice president's new position is consistent with the president's position which has not changed and is also changing. [ laughter ] that's not a social policy that's a zen cone. mr. carney -- >> it is as it was, yes. [ laughter ] >> jon: it is as it was. [ laughter ] and what master is the sound of one man sweating? and why
reverend wright had with the president of the united states since he took the oath of office? >> you know, they haven't had any. president obama was clear that mr. wright's views didn't reflect the president's views. this required moral leadership on mitt romney's part to stand up to the extreme voices in his party. once again, he didn't rise to the occasion. one of the things he tried to do today is equate this hateful attack with a simple discussion of governor romney's economic record we had in this campaign. we've seen this from romney before. he didn't stand up to one of the symbolic heads of the republican party, rush limbaugh when he made those hateful comments against sandra fluke. we've been clear whether supporter of the president or person that used this rhetoric, and romney didn't stand up. >> he said he repudiated this style of campaign. do you believe him? >> he was asked later in the day about his comments earlier in the year about reverend wright you played not too long ago. he said he stood behind them. time and time again, he had the opportunity to stand up to the extrem
the president of the united states or is it understandable in context as we played it in context? >> you know what, one reason it's so hard to get politicians to answer questions they dissect everything they say. in context this is understandable. i would say west virginia probably safely republican for mitt romney this year considering how things went in that primary. >> and considering how even joe manchin the democratic senator often doesn't vote with the white house on issues. susan, we appreciate that. and in the reagan building in d.c., president obama announced a $3 billion campaign to alleviate hungner africa with the help of 45 business who are going to invest in reforming agriculture at the grassroots level. this is the brainchild of the head of usaid, rajiv shah one of the stars of the administration, as the president mentioned. >> every time i meet him, i realize that i was an underachiever in my 30s. >> joining me now is raj shah. the president embarrassed you in front of the world here in terms of what you have brought to the table, an initiative to try to do nothing short of li
will support and defend the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that will bear -- to the constitution of the united states and the constitution of the state of california. that i take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion. i will faithfully discharge the duties upon which i am about to enter during such time as i hold the office of -- for the city and county of san francisco. congratulations and thank you. [applause] >> tonight, we paid for the two teachers, especially those in san francisco public schools who have made san francisco the top- performing urban school district in california. each day, thousands of teachers provide children with the skills to be successful in life, including learning how to analyze problems, appreciate the arts, and become active in sports. we all know how important teachers are. that is why the giants continue to participate in the annual thank a teacher today campaign, a month-long celebration of san francisco public school teachers. i
in the united states in may, the proverbial sell in may and go away does not translate over sseas, and we ar in bear markets in russia and brazil which were off 20% from the peaks in march alone. we are sitting on critical support. look at the market in russia for example, because we ahave taken out the lows that we established in the fall, in despite of the financial maelstrom. >> and you are saying that russia is driving the entire world's markets? i want to bring in dave reidel of the reidel research, and i am seeing no inflation a and central banks cutting the rates and it is a great backdrop. >> that is right. they are doing nothing wrong and emerge sshgt ing markets are lo good. and we look at the fear fac chur of consumer sentiment, and this summer not the time to be away at all, but nibbling at the position of the emerging markets and maybe a few percentage points higher, but if we are right, we think that the focus is on the fundamentals in the back half of the year, and very good time to be long emerging markets equities. >> and you agree with that, tim? you are bullish on the emer
of the united states fire administration. the usfa was established following the 1973 report on fire prevens and control which recommended the creation of a federal agency to provide support and their efforts to reduce fire deaths, injuries and property loss. it is a substantial public safety mission. although the fire death continues to decline, it is higher than more than half of the industrialized countries. it prepares first responders and health care leaders. it supports the efforts of state and local governments providing training for first responders, educational programs and targets outreach for communities and conducting the development of technologies for the fire service. the usfa also assists with data collection, analysis and dissemination of best practices for the nation's fire prevention and control in emergency medical services activities. in recent years, there's been an escalation of severe wildfires resulting in home and property loss. this can be attributed to expanding development in wildfire areas which include burnable brush and trees. 2011 was an exkepgsal year and ma
in the arm for the capital markets and for the united states. >>dagen: but people were cautious and we heard from some of them out here in the streets. they were taking a wait-and-see attitude about buying the stock. >> are you excited about facebook going public today or trading? >> no, i will wait to see what happens before i put any intention on it. >> it is everhyped. >> i thought but decided not to. too much hype. i thought it could take a dive. >> what we do know the size of the offering was up by 25 percent this week priced at high range so you did not get a "pop" but you got a whole new crop of millionaires and billionaires. back to you. >>neil: you are right, 1,000 of them. imagine that. great job, dagen. no big pop for facebook but remember, this kept getting ratcheted up ahead of the offering. first they talked about it being offered in the 20's, and then 30's and 34 and then up to $38 a share. so while investor could be disappointed, market watcher says all of this is actually a good thing. explain, ed. >>reporter: well, what we don't want is we want markets to be realistic. and,
wanted to make clear that i was solidly behind him in order to make him president of the united states. >> greta: okay. it's clear that you are supporting the republican nominee. have you thrown your support behind governor romney. what is the reason why you don't support president obama? what is the difference between the two parties, the two candidates as we approach november? >> here again, it's real simple. governor romney gets it right on the big issues. president obama get its wrong on the big issues. governor romney understands what it's going to take to boost this economy to a growth rate that this economy is capable of. no policies of president obam have boosted the economy. we are now at something less than 2%. that's not what our economy is capable of. governor romney get its right on energy independence. he knows and has stated that we can maximize all of our energy resources in this country to become energy independent. everything that president obama does seems to be opposite of that. and then the other thing that governor romney get its right on is he wants to repeal oba
against the united states. i would hazard to guess that there are more foreign intelligence officers inside there working against u.s. interests now than at the height of the cold war. i know there's a limit to what you can say, but how would you respond? >> it's difficult to say, but the counterintelligence threat has evaevled over a period of time. more generally, there are certain countries who use greater dispersal of individuals, and then as i mentioned in my opening remarks, the fact that so much of our data is kept in databases on networks and they may by vulnerable to attacks overseas. you don't have to be in the united states to undertake an attack and obtain secrets from the network. the counterintelligence threat has evolved in ways that were not present in the cold war. in terms of numbers of persons, i think that is less important than the ways that foreign countries are seeking to steal our secrets. not just with individuals, not just with humit, but also with cyberattacks and cyberextractions of information. >> one quick question, sex trafficking of children. >> yes. >
with not only our persons in the united states but within nsa, cia, and the others outside which will enable us to be successful in this particular arena. >> i really thank you for the excellent work that the bureau is doing on this and i look forward to working hard to make sure that you get the resources as well that you need. i'll close by observing that these cases are immensely complicated and difficult. if you look at the complicating factors that make a capes difficult, it has virtually all of them. it has probably the worst complicating factor of international domain, having to work through legats, having to work through treaties, having to work through foreign countries. the complicating factor of as you pointed out integration with our intelligence community and having to deal with the security and classified nature of some of that and protecting sources and methods. the cases themselves are challenging and difficult. as difficult as any rico case can be. the forensics are very important, trying to figure out how this stuff actually works and be able to testify about it clearly. and t
there is but one official medal in the united states mint commemorting the attacks of 9/11. proceeds go to the memorial and museum. and, today, we will show you how the mint makes the real deal. and airline passengers have found out how to avoid spending money on the skyrocketing baggage fees. we will clue you in, unless breaking news changes everything. on "studio b." first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, and in north carolina, where the jury is now deciding whether to convict the former presidential candidate and senator, john edwards, on half as do criminal counts that could put him in prison three decades. they heard three weeks of testimony covering the affair that john edwards had with try emhunter as his wife elizabeth suffered from cancer that killed her. but the jury will not be judging john edwards on character. this is about campaign finance laws. the prosecution tried to prove that john edwards used nearly $1 million in illegal contributions to cover up the affair. john edwards' lawyers argue that the money was a personal gift not a political donation. they also claim tha
opening in the united states for every 3.3 unemployed americans. pretty tough odds. boy, oh boy, this is a huge story today about the facebook ipo. it officially gets started 11:00 trading today. social networking giant, a huge american success story goes public. it's set to hit the market in a couple hours. 900 million users worldwide came from an idea that was con concocted in a dorm room at harvard. it's valued at $100 billion. try to wrap your head around that number. the price will be $38 a share. it has been ratcheted up as all the excitement continues to gather around this stock. you can see people on the floor of the new york stock exchange. the average invest jr. will likely pay a lot more than that. we'll see what happens at the open. a number of levels why this story is so interesting today. i'm joined by stuart varney. let's deal with the hype first. is this company worth all that money? >> i haven't a clue. that's the honest hans. i do not know whether facebook is a good investment, a bad investment. i don't know if stock is going to go up or down. but i'll tell you
american success story gone horribly wrong. eduardo saverin wants to defriend the united states of america, just to avoid paying taxes, and we aren't going to let him get away with it. >> democratic senator bob casey of pennsylvania is one of two senators who introduced the ex-patriot act. senator, good morning. >> good morning. >> i know we're talking a lot about eduardo saverin in particular but if there was one catalyst for you all to draft this legislation, this ex-patriot act, what was it? >> well, certainly, this is the most egregious example that we know of, but there are more than 1,700 other people who have done the same thing, and the basic thrust of this legislation says that if you expatriate yourself, in other words leave the country, renounce your citizenship, the legislation would provide a 30% tax on the gains that would you get, any kind of future investment gains if, and this is the key thing, if the irs were to determine that the reason you left was for a substantial tax purpose. if they make that finding, and it has to be an objective finding, then the tax would apply.
emergency management agency and the united states fire administrator in charge of the united states fire administration of the department of homeland security. next we will hear from dr. john hall jr., the division director of fire and always seemed research at the national fire protection association. dr. hall has been active in fire analysis and fire research for nearly 35 years. our third witness is chief jim critchley. jeeves critchley represents the tucson fire department in my home state of arizona and also currently serves as the president of the western fire chiefs association. our final witness is mr. kevin o'connor, assistant to the general prison for the international association of firefighters. thank you again to the witnesses for being here today. as the witnesses should know, spoken testimony is limited to five minutes each. after all witnesses of spoken, members of the committee will have five minutes each to ask questions. i now recognize the first witness, the united states fire administrator, ernest mitchell. >> good morning, chairman quayle to the crosby, ranking memb
examines immigration, voting, and the roots of pluralism in the united states, part of american history tv this weekend on c-span 3. >>> at today's pentagon briefing, acting assistant secretary of defense george little discussed thursday's meeting between defense secretary leon panetta and his his israeli counterpart. following the meeting, secretary panetta announced plans to give israel an extra $70 million for a short range missile defense program called iron dome. this is a half hour. >> good afternoon. before taking your questions, let me preview the next few days. this weekend, as you know, secretary panetta travels to chicago for the nato summit. at the summit, secretary panetta will participate in discussions with heads of state and will attend three north atlantic council sessions. the first on 21st century century nato capabilities, the second with isaf nations on long-term commitment to afghanistan, and the third on nato partnerships involving partners in the libya operation and discussing how nato can work with these and other nations in the future. in addition to these session
and the united states over a variety of issues. but more conventionality here, islam is now the second great faith in the united states way behind christianity but, it's surpassed judaism as the numbers here. we've had wonderful experiences with new age religion though note-- remember how the ramtha people and cynthia jones kind bridled at that term new age. they didn't particularly like it so it's a sociological term. but new religious movements, new spiritualities that are emerging, they are new, they are different. if it's different let's hate it. no! let's not. that's the attitude that we want to overcome here just because it happens to be new. skeptics, atheist, humanist, some of the most religious people i have ever met have been the atheist, they have a huge-- you can take the six dimensions and track it right on down. so, these are kinds of people in society that might not reflect the prevailing values, new revelations that may have an intense way prosthetising such as the unification church sometimes called moonies or scientology is always popping up because of various issues that p
, as much business in the united states. we would be working in other countries, other just exdids more heavily without the loans or the mandates. >> mr. ahern would you say the same thing, that you would, your malaysia factory would be still selling in europe and you would still be in business and s&p 500 listed company if not for domestic mandates and guaranties? >> we would still be a successful company but we would not be in the financial condition, sound financial condition we're in and we would not have successfully entered the u.s. utility market. we would be a smaller company without this. >> isn't it true that if not for a waiver as to the car sin owe against, that are in our pvs in fact you wouldn't even be in the european union at all? you needed a waiver for your technology to be fielded? >> no, that is not true. the product isn't car sin owe againic. there is a material, that is stable compound. >> but need ad waiver in the european union for you to field it, didn't you? >> it didn't, no. >> it didn't? you didn't rely on a single study paid for in order to convince people o
as they clean reliable source of energy in the united states. geothermal power is a unique source of renewable natural energy that is the product of heat generated by distorting the earth. your score is continually producing an enormous amount of heat, primarily by means of decay of the materials and secondarily by energy left over from the formation. heat generated in your score is connected upward in the christ under certain geological conditions such as being placed in a shallow chambers about young volcanoes or thinning of the christ in risk, such as occurs in nevada. rock and water and air shallow crust is sometimes heated to a high temperature. surface manifestations of the underlying the geothermal energy range from shallow clock to wander up hot springs. we are all familiar with some of the famous examples of geothermal energy in action such as volcanoes, not st. helens comes to mind. the old faithful guy in yellowstone national park, their hot springs areas. advances in technology harness the heat stirring rock and modern converts electrical power can be used to power cities and indus
. and they put together this demand for the equivalent of what was in the united states, known as megan's law. here it became sarah's law which in broad terms would have meant that people in any one area would have been able to access the names of those who were on the sex offenders register. now, i can understand why they wanted to do that. we all want to protect our children. on the other hand, i was pretty certain this would lead to more trouble and more criminality than it was going to resolve and there were better ways of controlling the predatory i instincts of sex offenders than having them subject to people outdoor their doors. so i was resistant to this and i was strength ning my resistance when in ports mouth, as everybody now knows, someone who was a pediatrician was misunderstood to be a pedophile a and. and i've seen the effects of sort of -- understandable but concern on the behavior of crowds of all sorts. so that was my -- that was my view. i thought we should do plenty of other things to strengthen the law against sex offenders but not that. and i haven't got all the detail,
: however, japan's competitors have stronger records. the united states atlas rockets have both more than 300 launches. europe's ariane rocket has more than 200. [ speaking japanese ] >> reporter: it is also more expensive right now to launch a satellite in japan. special engineers are currently working on plans to develop new rockets. in the meantime, they'll keep encouraging countries to launch rockets in japan. it's a business opportunity and also a chance to strengthen the domestic space industry. daisuke kogure, nhk world, at the tanegashima space center, japan. >>> wall street investors pushed stock markets down for yet another day. ai uchida joins us now from the business desk so ai, what's behind the fall there? >> we saw a few factors pushing the dow jones down, but the main ones were weak manufacturing data as well as renewed concerns over europe. the dow jones fell to a four-month low, levels not seen since mid-january. it closed the day at 12,442, down 1.25%. so to see how stocks are trading here in tokyo, let's go to ramin mellegard, who is at the tokyo stock exchange. ramin,
the whole united states and in front of the company could tell, i was listening to him speak about san francisco. he said, "i traveled to every city in the united states, and i was disappointed with what i saw. there was not one city that i liked, but as far as i'm concerned, san francisco is so beautiful that i would like to design 15 cities in russia that look like san francisco." [laughter] and he was right. [applause] my wonderful wife, my family is here. i'm thrilled. thank you very much. i must say -- excuse me, i have to mention one thing. i have never seen anything in my life as beautiful as these young people. [applause] you stand so beautiful. [applause] -- you sang so beautiful. [applause] >> it is tony bennett day in san francisco. [applause] just fantastic. now, before we leave here today, just one more time, let's hear that special song one more time, now performed by the talented san francisco gay men's chorus, who will be joined by -- yes -- who will be joined by all of our performers here today and then all of you. you can sing along by following the lyrics on the scre
of his dreams was sunday soccer would be recognized more in the united states, more widely, as it was in europe, and that is actually coming to be. so, i think, a plaque in his memory at boxer stadium, where he spent 40 years -- it was his home away from home -- would be very fitting and would be an inspiration to soccer players, two soccer referees, and the entire soccer family. i think you for your consideration and i brought some pictures. in case you want to see who you are honoring today. i will just pass these around. >> thank you very much. >> my name is ellen wall. i asked to speak because i know absolutely nothing about soccer. but i knew mel. just hearing her speak makes me weep because he was a great guy. in honoring him, i think, otters all the people of san francisco who try to make a difference in the way the city works. so, thank you very much for your consideration of this. i am very enthusiastic about having something like this happen. thank you. >> thank you. >> is there any other public comment on this item? being none, public comment is closed. >> commis
and has the second largest i.p.o. in united states history behind only visa. for every $2 increase in the stock price, zuckerberg pockets another $1 billion in paper worth. gerri from the business is with us, very busy day on the dial dialing the fox business network. what should we maybe of facebook's performance? the nasdaq's performance is another matter? >>gerri: it is underwhelming, i do i thought we would get more of a pop. having said that, the people would float the shares do not want to see a huge move because it means they left money on the table. but you would have thought, i had people in the building who work for the building coming up to me and saying i will try to buy facebook. but it is less than the average i.p.o. gain. >>shepard: they are in california. and i should remember that. and, 401(k)'s ... the rest of the sector was down today. you do not know what would have happened if facebook did not have the i.p.o. but the market has been on a slide for a couple of weeks or more. >>gerri: that is not too surprising given broader news and what we see from europe, the
of many many times. it's thought the united states to do this. why can't we do it internationally? i would be wary of congress trying to codify this. it is before the courts. we'll find out what did the fcc has the authority to do it and i think the sec did not have the authority to do what it did good >> part of the reason i believe we see a lot of innovation in the space and more encouragement towards that is because these high-level rules of the rose, which incidentally are on one page provide transparency provided a means for those who want to innovate in this space, that they know that the isp their service provider will not be able to -- will not be able to favor their businesses at the dutch are meant of innovation. so with all of these players icann, wanting an encouraging us to move forward with the high-level rules of the road, i encourage you to recognize what has been happening over the past several years in terms of the engagement and what will continue to happen with the protections in place
understand public service is a public trust. each one has a responsibility to the united states government and the citizens they all serve to place loyalty to the constitution, laws, and ethical principles above private gain, and most public servants adhere to this trust, however, the pugh research center interviewed more than 3,000 adults about their views of our government. 54% said the federal government is mostly corrupt while 31% said mostly honest. 11% said they don't know either. the survey also showed just a third of americans has a favorable opinion of the federal government, the lowest positive rating in its 15 years. a measure of dissatisfaction these days is to be expected. the country is in economic trouble, and our leaders promise things they cannot deliver. what compounds this dissatisfaction, government scandals, there have been reports of federal employees wasting taxpayer dollars and in some cases committing crimes. the general services administration employees spent over $8,000 in a conference in las vegas, the department of homeland security spent nearly $1 billion on t
and 2009, al applicant smuggled several bundles of marijuana within the united states and was paid $200 on at least three occasions, the applicant personally unloaded duffel bags of drugs from vehicles and stored them at his residence and the applicant also accepted $1,000 in exchange for allowing vehicles loaded with marijuana to be stored at his home. so the polygraph was able to be identify that and obviously, the employee was not hired for a law enforcement position. and another example, in march of 2009, the applicant and a friend became involved in transportation of cocaine and marijuana. the applicant's friend profited an unknown amount of the transportation of marijuana and he proved from $3500 for the transportation of the cocaine. so we have these individuals that in some cases i believe their sole purpose of wanting to become a customs and border protection officer or border patrol officer is to infiltrate us. we have robust background process while we have am skoal type systems i talked about in my oral reply, we really believe that the polygraph is he going to be a real gam
and many more states across the united states in the keystone project would. but, yes, the keystone project does mean jobs. as i said in the beginning i support the keystone project. >> just to explain, you said it's a private company. is that because of the trans border crossing? >> yes, that's correct. that's correct. >> mike freeman likes your buy america provision. he tweets, massive infrastructure rebuild, equipment manpower, and materials all from the usa. and you spell multiplier effect? we're talking with mr. rahall. next call from him is from albertville, alabama. bobby is a democrat. good morningmorning. you're on, bobby. >> caller: good morning. on the bay bridge, that was the thing that tifs going to ask about how in the world could anything like that happen. the caller before back two or three calls was talking about how much money was saved. well, you pay unemployment for the people that would build a bridge. you also pay unemployment to the people that would build the steel. so anything that the taxpayers pay for should be made with american labor and american products. and,
. phil, thank you. the ceo of the nation's biggest bank has agreed to testify before the united states congress about how jp morgan chase lost billions of dollars in some very bad trades. a spokeswoman for the bank says the ceo jamie diamond will appear before the senate banking committee, no date set yet. jp morgan chase recently announced it lost at least $2 billion in risky bets. the loss has fueled lawmakers' calls to tighten banking regulations. they say banks didn't learn any lessons after the same types of risky trades helped tank the u.s. economy in 2008. for days, folks in north mississippi were living in fear, many of them. reports that a fake police officer was pulling over drivers and murdering them. well, tonight, a suspect is in custody. and investigators are now revealing how he got his victims to stop. plus, the young woman who is fighting a disease that is slowly eating away at her body. ahead, her remarkable courage. as her father told her what doctors need to do to her next. from the journalists of fox news, this is a friday fox report. [ captain ] our landing time g
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